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Welcome to the AVSIM Advertising Portal:

Thank you for visiting the AVSIM Advertising portal. The AVSIM Advertising system is one of the most advanced ad management portals available to advertisers in our community today. If you are a potential advertiser, we encourage you to continue reading. If you are an AVSIM Community member and have no wish to advertise on AVSIM, we hope you will enjoy the realtime statistics that you see on the home page of this portal.

Advertising Types:

There are essentially four types of advertising available on AVSIM today or will be available in the near future. These are IMAGE / BANNER ads, FLASH ads, VIDEO ads and TARGETED TEXT ADS. IMAGE and TARGETED TEXT ads are available today, and the others will be brought online shortly.


Zones are simply designated areas on the AVSIM web site where advertising space is prepositioned, and where your ad will appear when you select your zone. There are three image/banner zones, and two (at the moment) Targeted Text zones.

Image Zones are zone 1, 2 and 3. Zone 1 is the location for all of the corner ads. Zone 2 is the center banner ad, and Zone 3 is the tower or skyscraper ad that appears in the right and left hand sidebars.

Text Zones consist of two areas at this time. One is on the right side bar and the second is at the bottom footer of every page in the system.

Ad Rotations:

When you place an ad on AVSIM, no matter what type the ad might be, it is placed in rotation with other ads in the zone you have selected. All ads in any zone get the same priority for viewing. That is, for every page view, your ad will get equal opportunity to be seen with the other ads in that zone.

Joining as an Advertiser:

Joining as an advertiser is free. To create an account on the AVSIM Advertising Portal, simply click on the ADVERTISER JOIN tab at the top menu. Once you have created an account and it has been approved by our Administrators, you can sign into your account at anytime by clicking on the ADVERTISER LOGIN tab above.

Advertising Insertion:

When you create your ad, you will be given a choice of formats and zones. Once you have completed your ad and have successfully configured it, the system will present you with payment options. Currently, those are PAYPAL, via either your account, or via PAYPAL credit card. The other alternatives are a check made out in U.S. dollars, or a bank transfer, which is also in U.S. dollars.

Package Purchases:

Packages are simplified means of purchasing "click throughs" or single month banner advertising. An example of a "click through" package is a simple $10 package. What this gives you is a $10 "bank" against which your click throughs are deducted. For example; if you purchase a text ad for click throughs of $0.03 each, that translates into 10.00 divided by .03 or 333 clicks on your text ad. Target Text packages are available for up to $50.00.

We have provided three packages for our basic banner advertising for zones 1, 2 and 3. These are packages which are suitable to advertiser would like to measure the effectiveness of AVSIM advertising without making long term commitments. These packages are good for 30 days of advertising commencing upon admin approval of ad content.

For longer ad commitments, we offer a number of incentive and discount programs. If you are considering multiple zones or three month or greater or even mixed zones and duration advertising, please contact us directly for more information. You can contact us at advertising@avsim.com.

Text Ads - System Wide Page Bottom - 4 ads in rotation

Text Ads - System Wide Side Bar - 5 ads in rotation

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