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Publisher accounts are NOT being accepted at this time.
Thank you for advertising with AVSIM Online!

Welcome to the AVSIM Avertising System. If you wish to advertise on AVSIM, doing so is easy. Click on the ADVERTISER JOIN above or here. Register (it's free) and once you have, we'll approve your account. Once approved (usually no more than 24 hours unless we have questions), you can log in and start your advertising campaigns.

Once your account has been approved, you need to determine what ad format and location you would like to insert your ad in. If you are going to use the Google-like text ads, pick the text ad package and the amount you wish to spend. Pay the amount via PayPal or your credit card, and once payment is confirmed, create your text ad. Once you have done so, we'll receive automatic notification. We will review your ad and approve it if appropriate and without issues. Once approved, you can update your text ad at anytime. If you are inserting a single month image ad, your process is exactly the same as placing a text ad, except that you select an image ad payment for your ad. Once you do that, the same process applies.

We are not accepting applications for Publishers (affiliate programs) at this time. If you want to talk to us about being an affiliate, send an email to advertising@avsim.com and let us know of your interest.

To see more about our advertising and layouts, click on the ABOUT link in the top right menu or click here. To see where AVSIM stands in terms of popularity, see these stats.

If you have any questions about advertising on AVSIM, would like to discuss extended ad durations, and placements, or you need more information, please contact us at advertising@avsim.com

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